Rules & Dress Code


At Dragons Head Par 3 Golf Course, we take the safety of our golfers very seriously. Our policies and guidelines are designed to create a safe and enjoyable environment so everyone can focus on improving their game and having fun on the course.

For the safety of all our golfers, we require that anyone operating a golf cart at Dragons Head Par 3 Golf Course must be at least 16 years old. This policy helps to ensure that our golf carts are driven responsibly and follow our guidelines.

We also ask that all golfers who use our carts follow our care guidelines to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all players on the course. These guidelines include driving the cart only on designated paths and areas, obeying posted signs and course rules, and using caution when driving near other players.

Dress Code

At Dragons Head Par 3 Golf Course, we embrace a relaxed and family-friendly atmosphere, and our dress code reflects that welcoming spirit. You’re good to go if you are dressed appropriately for the game!

While we don’t have strict dress code requirements, we encourage golfers to wear comfortable and suitable attire for the golf course environment. We want all our golfers to feel comfortable and enjoy their experience at Dragons Head Par 3 Golf Course, so please use your discretion and dress in a manner that is respectful to others on the course. Pack your enthusiasm for the game and come as you are to Dragons Head Par 3 Golf Course!

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